About us

We sell uplifting, motivational jewelry and donate 10% of all profits from our charitable ranges to charities which support causes such as breast cancer research, veterans and the military.

We’re a husband and wife team whose dream was to run a business which gives something back to the community. Our son was born in 2017 with a neurological syndrome and uncontrolled seizures, and the first 18 months of his life were a blur of hospital stays, travelling for treatment and medical expenses. We experienced for the first time in our lives how vital the support of charitable organisations can be. We were inspired to start a business to provide for our own family whilst also supporting important charitable foundations, just like the ones who had helped us through such a difficult period.

We’re all about supporting the community and our jewelry is hand-made in the USA by awesome working moms. We hire and train working mothers, pay a living wage and are proud to support strong communities and keep jobs in America!

We want to inspire hope and compassion, and our jewelry focuses only on the positive. Optimism, Love and Faith; three things which we could all do with a little more of in this world

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